Currently, polish video game industry has an estimated value of 450 million dollars!Gradually, the statistics concerning polish game industry look more and more impressive and that is exactly why Poland is an excellent place for game promotion!

Let’s have a quick look at the history. A game entitled Marienbad released in 1962 symbolizes the beginning of polish video game industry. Its most significant improvement  was witnessed along with the end of Communist times and expansion of capitalist economy in 1989. Nowadays, it is indisputable that Poland is one of the most influential European video game industries and its primary export goods are digital products! It can be confirmed for example by an interesting fact that in 2011 Donald Tusk handed over The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition to Barack Obama as a diplomatic gift.


We are genuinely pleased that Polish creators constantly strive for achieving international successes. Thanks to their hard work and creativity in years 2006 – 2008, the total value of the Polish video game sales market has doubled. The well-earned and resounding triumph of Warsaw-based CD Project RED – the producer of The Witcher – drew the world’s attention to the polish video game industry and conventionally determined the beginning of avalanche of such satisfactory video games as Bulletstorm, Dead Island, Dying Light, Sniper: Ghost Warrior, Lords of the Fallen, Shadow Warrior and so on. Latest news about Witcher 3 says that the game has sold in 6 mln copies all around the world within 6 weeks after a premiere and only in Poland sales has reached 1/4 million copies in the same period. It’s incredible, record score for polish video games industry!

In addition to this, the independent video games industry is strengthening its position on the market. One of the best example confirming this assumption is an independent studio from Warsaw named 11 bitstudios which has achieved an enormous growth owing to such award-winning games as Anomaly: Warzone Earth and This War of Mine. One shouldn’t also forget about Timberman from Digital Melody, games produced in iDreams or global success of Superhot yet before the official premiere of the game! These productions are just some examples of prosperous games as every month brand new and engaging titles come out. Let’s take as an illustration a studio from Warsaw – The Astronouts, authors of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter who have just started carrying out an entirely new project!


The polish video game industry is developing rapidly and that’s an observable fact confirmed in an extensive report prepared by Polygon. In addition to this, regular satisfactory sales statistics have created a favorable environment in Poland for game developers and publishers from all over the world, willing to sell a game in large number of copies. Nowadays, Polish game industry costs 450 million dollars, one in three Poles plays video games  and more than 300 development studios make their own! As if it was not enough, 98% of gamers use their personal computers to play video games! Owing to these statistics Poland ranks second most developed PC gaming industry in Europe. Poles are also more and more convinced about the phenomenon of digitalization of games. Just after a PC premiere, Rockstar sold 37 thousand copies of GTA V in Poland considering only sales on Steam!

To conclude, Poland is becoming the centre of European video game industry. There are more and more gaming events which enjoy continuing popularity amongst gamers. In 2014 approximately 60 thousand fans of interactive entertainment took part in Poznań Game Arena. Being present during such gaming events is an unparalleled opportunity for numerous game producers to generate higher sales! After several years of rapid development, the Polish game industry has become noticeable for gaming giants who discovered its limitless potential. And that’s reasonable since selling games in Poland is highly profitable! So, do you know how to win polish gamers’ hearts and minds?

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