Special Partnership. Gain points and receive extra discounts.


Amplify stories about your game with us! Gain points and receive extra discounts as a loyal partner.

Long-term cooperation and loyalty will improve our actions and help us amplify stories about your game even more. We are confident you should have fun doing awesome things with Ampligamer, so we want to give you some extra points and a COOP card that will provide you with special opportunities for winning prizes, e.g. 100% discount for certain promotional and marketing services. Check out the details below to make sure that amplifying stories about your game with us will bring benefits both now and in the future!

Ampligamer activity is based on 6 programs: MEDIA RELATIONS, SOCIAL MEDIA, ADVERTISING, EVENTS, CONSULTING,

OTHER. It’s up to you, €“ our prospective partner€“, to decide how many programs should amplify stories about your game.

Our partner with a COOP card receives 10 points for every selected program.

Our partner can exchange 30 points for a 50% discount for one of the three programs:

Gain 100 points, become a Gold Partner and choose which of the three programs you want for free:

Gain 200 points, become a Platinum Partner and choose which of all six programs you want for free!

Points converted into prizes are cleared, but Gold and Platinum status of our partners are eternal
and benefit with a 5% discount for all programs.

See details how we amplify stories