About us. We are agency that…


We a€™re an agency specializing in amplifying stories about games to communicate effectively with gamers your very game deserves to have. Ampligamer is where long-term gaming experience meets expert public relations and marketing. Furthermore – we strongly believe that conventional methods of communication with gamers are becoming inefficient and only an immersive story can engage them to – literally – live your game.

The biggest value of what we do

Our biggest asset is the scale of work we do. We cooperate with both big companies and indie teams, regardless of your product’s platform, genre, payment or distribution model. Choose which of the highly-effective communication programs from our service you need the most and gain points to receive additional discounts as a loyal partner. We love what you do and we know you want gamers to love it, too!

Multiple advantages and more Power UPs!

Ampligamer gains the upper hand thanks to our passion and interests. We have played games ever since we were kids and they have become an integral part of our lives. We’€™ve been researching them, organizing and visiting gaming events of all sorts; we have dug deep into the subjects of gamification, in-game advertising and serious games with their reflective game design. We are simply crazy about video games and happy about their increasing presence in modern society.

Games are growing like mushrooms after the rain

At the same time, we see how game business has become stratified and understand the reasons for it. Games spring up like mushrooms after a rainy day and it’s really difficult to reach an audience absorbed in competitive products. We know many cases of creative and innovative games that underperformed their potential or turned out to be unprofitable due to ineffective or no PR campaign at all. Our independence and genuine engagement in amplifying stories about games can change your masterpiece into a well-known, keenly anticipated, total must-have.

So get in touch. Ampligamer is awaiting for you.